AgreementManager enables fast, scalable consolidation and affirmation of legal and operational data via one cost effective interface. It provides an authoritative record of collateral agreements through common standards and a single workflow.

It can be complex, time consuming and costly to negotiate, digitize, record, generate and govern collateral agreement data. AgreementManager, created by the industry, for the industry significantly reduces the time and effort required to accurately maintain an efficient repository of agreement data by introducing a standard shared workflow.

AgreementManager Workflow

Key Features:

  • Integrates with negotiation and digitization partners across a common, shared, industry-wide workflow – all accessed via AcadiaPlus
  • Standard adaptors to all downstream industry service providers
  • Backloading of agreements via digitization, enabling validation of internal records and a simpler, more efficient dispute resolution process
  • Monitors and determines when to initiate Agreement generation or amendment. Establishes automated cross-functional workflow enabling scalability

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce financial exposure by expediting agreement capture, amendment and creation
  • Unlocks legal and operational data to enhance front to back processes
  • Reduces agreement driven disputes by resolving data representation differences and establishing golden records
  • Sophisticated models that monitor Agreements to ensure they remain regulatory compliant
  • Common source of data to feed all interested parties/systems
  • Reduces operational risk by leveraging a standard and consolidated workflow
  • Increased transparency and control
  • Significantly reduces operational costs
  • Source agnostic consolidation of legal agreement data
  • Basic Service available as part of your AcadiaPlus Subscription

AgreementManager Process flow


Introducing a standardized golden record of business critical legal and operational data. Designed by users and made available via AcadiaPlus connectivity of industry partners and client community.


Using intelligent technology, AgreementManager will learn the physical representation of legal and operational data written into multiple agreement types, then transform them into standardized digital records.


The Threshold Monitoring and Agreement Term Optimization Analysis integrates quickly with negotiation platforms to initiate amendments and generate new documents.


Agree, share and centrally govern agreement templates generated by the user community and their customers. Use templates in confidence that they leverage best practice and market standards.


Seamlessly perform business across multiple jurisdictions in the knowledge you’re operating within a framework that will enable transparency of the global regulations and the ongoing compliance of your firm.