Ahead of the Curve Podcast

Episode 2

Perspectives from experts in their field on the topical issue of data standardization for OTC Derivatives. Fred Dassori & Richard Barton from AcadiaSoft are joined by Donal Gallagher from Quaternion Risk Management. Interview conducted by Jon Cronin, Lansons.

Jon Cronin (JC), Lansons: This interview accompanies a recently recorded podcast from AcadiaSoft where we take time to get under the skin of the margin and collateral industry, to dig deep and present topical perspectives and insights on this hugely important sector. Here’s a question: what’s your view on Data Standardization? How much time are you putting aside to think about it? And what could the impact be for your company and our industry more widely? To put it simply, the standardization of the way the Over-The-Counter bi-lateral derivatives industry records and digitizes trade details is hugely important. But the process of achieving those methods of standardization are anything but simple.

We’re going to examine what Data Standardization really means in practice. And we’ll ask the crunch question: is our industry ready? To do this, I’m joined by an expert panel of guests. Donal Gallagher is Chief Executive of Quaternion Risk Management. Fred Dassori is Chief Product Officer with AcadiaSoft. And Richard Barton is Head of Product Management, also with AcadiaSoft.

So the three of you have got a lot of insight and knowledge on the topic that we want to discuss and talk about, so let’s get to the issue at hand: Data Standardization. Donal, talk us through this. The origins of much of the move towards standardization lie in the great financial crisis of 2007/08. Why does standardization matter?

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