AcadiaSoft has built the industry’s first central workflow for collateral and margin management – we call this AcadiaPlus.  We are firmly positioned as:

  • The industry’s collateral messaging standard
  • Creating an industry-driven company structure designed for the delivery and operation of standard, shared services with a community of over 1,350 firms
  • Delivering the Initial Margin (IM) calculation and reconciliation service that has been broadly adopted across the industry by all firms in-scope for Uncleared Margin Rules

Leveraging these capabilities and our central vantage point across the industry, we have launched the industry standard for reporting and analytics – our Data Exploration (DX) Suite. AcadiaPlus DX provides unique analysis of your position in the market as well as peer group comparison metrics. Select from a combination of Standard and/or Premium Dashboards; additionally, utilize our Dashboard Designer for a more customized user experience. Standard and Designer (self-created custom) Dashboards form part of your AcadiaPlus subscription; Premium dashboards are chargeable.

Standard Dashboards

• Volume Tracker – Volume trends and breakdowns across:

  • agreements
  • margin calls
  • interest statements
  • CRIF uploads

• Onboarding Tracker – Tracks agreements pending either you or counterparties’ responses. Measures your firms onboarding of distinct organizational-level, entity-level, and agreement-level relationships

• Counterparty Performance – Measures and compares each of your counterparties’ performance when doing business with you, whether by their response times or other metrics

• Risk – Initial margin exposure and trade trends and breakdowns, sourced from IM Exposure Manager

• Collateral – Margin Summary – Pledged collateral trends and breakdowns

• Dispute Monitor – Call dispute trends and breakdowns. Tracks consecutive call disputes per agreement relationship with a variety of ageing techniques

  • Cumulative – Tracks number of consecutive disputes per agreement without reference to direction
  • Directional – Tracks number of consecutive disputes per agreements based on trading party direction

Premium Dashboards

• Industry Comparisons – Compares your firm’s performance to others on a variety of metrics and breakdowns

• Intraday Response Monitor – Tracks calls your firm has made for the day that have not yet been   responded to while measuring their time outstanding and total pending value

• Intraday Dispute Monitor – Monitors inbound and outbound disputes as they come in, while measuring total disputed amounts

• Risk Mapping – Most common credit, equity, and commodity risk types and qualifiers to SIMM™ bucket mapping. Includes standard risk mapping report with enhancement for total vote count plus mismatches by counterparty

Dashboard Designer

Create reports, charts, and dashboards with point-and-click builders or with SQL

Key Benefits

Peer comparisons enable your firm to see your position in the market as well as view market trends via analysis of industry-wide metrics.

Data Exploration dashboards provide a view across your end-to-end process to identify operational inefficiencies

  • Improve processing time
  • Recognize high risk counterparties and agreements
  • Track your dispute rates and values
  • Focus and prioritize the calls that matter most
  • Know your volumes across a range of call and agreement types, products, etc.

•   Improve client margining processes by providing the industry-standard measurements required for quantifiable process improvement

Risk management insights (with margin call status, pledge status and identification of non-responsive counterparties)