Through your AcadiaPlus subscription, you can access a range of digitization and contract analysis providers to transform your agreements into structured data to easily and accurately search for key clauses that may indicate amendment is required. Your data will be stored and organized centrally in AcadiaSoft’s Agreement Manager and is instantly available to your internal upstream or downstream systems, other AcadiaSoft services and our partners based on your preference and subscription.

AcadiaPlus fully integrates LIKEZERO (formerly PwC eBAM) and Genpact’s Collateral Agreement and Reference Data Services (CARDS) – best of breed providers that can meet your specific needs for digitization and contract analysis.flow.

About Digitization Services:

Digitization provides an ideal way to backload your existing legal agreements and extract a comprehensive data representation from new offline negotiated agreements. Digitization also offers an efficient way to reconcile internal system records with a digital interpretation of the underlying document.

Key Features:

• Advanced accurate data extraction techniques

• Fast, electronic data capture across all types of collateral agreements and asset classes

• Ability to maintain and manage all documents centrally using a standardized data model and interpretation methodology

• Digitization service hosted in the AcadiaSoft data center – offering ISO 27001-certified security

Key Benefits:

• Bring your agreements to life – move from a world where your contracts are static, siloed documents to one where their data is accessible to internal and external applications and validated by counterparty affirmation

• Easily review any trends and anomalies hidden in legacy agreements and prepare for re-negotiation in a consolidated view

• Simplify any future scoping and implementation of industry re-papering requirements

• Reduces the time required to capture collateral agreement operational terms

• Fully integrated into AcadiaSoft Agreement Manager ensures a complete STP onboarding workflow


About Contract Analysis:

Contract analysis is suitable when you do not need to extract all data attributes and want to analyze specific clauses. Implementation of a contract analysis service can assist firms with a host of use cases including but not limited to: LIBOR to SOFR remediation; Force Majeure – related to firms ability to pay; Brexit – support clients with re-contracting as a result of Brexit; Negative Interest – analyze agreements to determine the scope of negotiated negative interest clauses.

Key Features:

• Contracts converted to machine-readable text

• Addresses specific questions about the data in a set of contracts, e.g. if an agreement contains LIBOR related terms and requires remediation

• Utilize ad-hoc to focus on resolving specific contractual clauses

Key Benefits:

• Enables a standard, automated remediation process across the business

• Customized output of results to meet your analysis goals

• Extend your existing AcadiaSoft relationship to streamline procurement and start analyzing sooner

• Pre-installed technology within AcadiaSoft reduces set up time from months to days with no additional security checks required

• Contract Analysis services are hosted in the AcadiaSoft data center – offering ISO 27001-certified security