Initial Margin Exposure Manager (IMEM) is an end to end Initial Margin (IM) reconciliation and calculation service. IMEM helps bring firms into compliance with the regulatory requirement to collect and post IM.

Why IM Exposure Manager?

Join the many firms that already leverage IMEM to manage their IM exposure and be part of industry best practice.

Significant changes have come to the global OTC non-cleared derivative marketplace in the form of new rules for variation and initial margin which started in September 2016.

  • Initial margin required to be collected between parties on a gross basis and held in a segregated account
  • Margin calculations performed based on approved models (e.g. ISDA SIMM™* ) or pre-defined Schedule
  • Increased regulatory scrutiny, reporting requirements and penalties for disputes

IMEM is born out of an industry requirement, created to comply with regulations, avoid and resolve disputes, and increase operational efficiency by providing standard calculation, reconciliation and straight through margin processes.


IM Exposure Manager inputs and outputs

Key Features:

  • Reconciliation of sensitivities and exposures to counterparties
  • Centrally calculated Initial Margin exposures (ISDA SIMM™ and Schedule)
  • Full audit trail and reporting/analysis
  • Ability to perform worst of calculations based on applicable party Regimes
  • Industry dispute rate benchmark reporting to compare your firm to the rest of the industry
  • Automated categorization of the main drivers of differences per Agreement and across all Relationships
  • Integrated with AcadiaPlus for automated call workflows and dispute management
  • Secure data platform with maximum client control
  • Accessible through Portal, API, or File-Based interfaces
  • Instant re-calculation of exposure to reflect online adjustments to underlying data
  • Case management workflow tool to intuitively help investigate and manage differences
  • Risk bucket vote submissions to ICE and incorporation of ICE results for comparison purpose

Key Benefits:

  • Comply with Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR)
  • Standardize margin calculation and verification process and resolve disputes
  • Maximize straight through processing
  • Maintain full control and visibility across process
  • Share data as necessary and under your controls
  • Collaborate with the majority of firms impacted by Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the UMR regulations
  • Accessed via AcadiaPlus subscription and integrated with other AcadiaPlus services via one connection