IM Phase 5 Industry Soft Launch is designed for firms who have their project teams and budgets in place and want to continue their development work rather than re-start the same work next year.

AcadiaSoft’s IM Phase 5 Industry Soft Launch provides your firm with the ability to complete the IM calculation and reconciliation portions of your UMR compliance project this year.

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How does the program work?
• Test your IM calculation and reconciliation versus other IM Phase 1 to 4 firms that are still supporting testing
• “Go-live” via a soft launch with the IM calculation and reconciliation phase of your UMR compliance project on the original September 1, 2020 compliance date without the burden of negotiating IM Credit Support Annexes (CSAs), Account Control Agreements (ACAs) and moving regulatory initial margin
• For firms not yet ready to test their regulatory IM calculations by reconciling vs. other dealers, you can still sign up for AcadiaSoft’s IM Threshold Monitor service to gain a central view of regulatory IM exposure as calculated by your dealers – as if you would have gone live on September 1, 2020

Key Features:
• Provides IM Phase 5 firms who can calculate Regulatory IM with a convenient way to complete a significant portion of their UMR compliance work
• Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 firms can enable IM Threshold calculation and monitoring via AcadiaSoft on behalf of their clients who cannot yet calculate Regulatory IM (or don’t ever plan to)
• IM Phase 5 firms can leverage AcadiaSoft’s IM Exposure Manager and IM Threshold Monitor tools to use September 1, 2020 as a trial “soft launch” go-live date to test key operational aspects of their UMR project

Key Benefits:
• Ideal for clients that are in scope for IM Phase 5 and have project resources and budget allocated in 2020 who don’t want to stop, and re-start work later
• Saves your firm time and money by using the “soft launch” go-live date of September 1, 2020 to delay negotiating Regulatory IM CSAs, and Custody Accounts until you have clear sight of when you will be required to move regulatory initial margin
• Provides your firm with an efficient central source of IM exposure rather than manually obtaining bilateral dealer information
• For existing Phase 5 IM Exposure Manager clients, you can participate in the IM Industry Soft Launch without any new or additional costs. Support for the “Soft Launch” is part of your AcadiaPlus subscription which provides access to an entire suite of collateral, margin and UMR related services
• Once up and running, your firm can explore the full suite of AcadiaSoft products such as Agreement Manager, IM Optimization and Collateral Manager to further increase your operational efficiency

To find out more about joining the IM Phase 5 Industry Soft Launch program, request a meeting.

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