Tracking your Initial Margin exposure has never been so easy.

Designed for Sell-side, Buy-side and Fund Administrators, our feature rich platform allows you to track your estimated initial margin exposure without the burden of becoming operationally ready, negotiating IM Credit Support Annexes or putting custody accounts in place.


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Introducing IM Threshold Monitor

Take advantage of recent regulatory relief by centrally tracking your estimated Initial Margin (IM) Exposure compared to your expected IM threshold without the burden of negotiating IM Credit Support Annexes (CSAs)


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Why is IM Thresholdmonitoring so important now?

Regulators across the globe have changed the rules for Regulatory Initial Margin compliance.

These rule changes state that Phase 5 and 6 firms in-scope for Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) can delay their legal documentation, custodian and operational arrangements if they won’t immediately exceed the €50 million Regulatory IM threshold with each of their counterparties.

By having fingertip access to all your Regulatory IM exposures, Phase 5 and 6 firms can avoid preparing or moving initial margin before they need to.

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Developed specifically with Phase 5 & 6 firms in mind

Part of the AcadiaPlus Risk Suite of services, the IMTM service was developed in direct response to changing regulation and client feedback. IM Phase 5 and 6 firms will have some dealer relationships where they will move initial margin immediately on go-live but also have others where they won’t. To save time and money, AcadiaSoft has modified our existing service to support IM Phase 5 and 6 firms that want to delay their documentation and operational IM compliance efforts where possible under the regulations.

It is important to note that the regulations do not extend a grace period to firms who breach the €50 million regulatory IM threshold with their counterparty, therefore having an early warning mechanism to ensure ample time to repaper your CSAs will be required.

IM Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 firms can supplement their existing data feeds to AcadiaSoft with anticipated IM exposure information versus IM Phase 5 and 6 firms, enabling AcadiaSoft to provide a central view of IM Exposure across all in-scope counterparty relationships – whether your firm is moving margin or not.

The IM monitor service will provide your firm with the crucial data needed for a convenient and centralized tool to track thresholds, ensuring compliance and trading continuity.

Key Features

  • Provides a central repository of counterparty IM exposure across firms’ trading relationships
  • Ideal for clients that are in scope for IM but don’t expect to move margin until after IM Phase 5 or 6 go-live date
  • Phase 1, 2, 3 or 4 firms can enable IM Threshold calculation and monitor via AcadiaSoft on behalf of their clients

Key Benefits for your Firm

Delay operational readiness.

Save your firm time and money by delaying operational margin until you know when you’re required to.

Dynamically monitor IM on all uploaded trade data.

In our premium version, we will provide the Phase 5 and 6 firm with access to dealer submitted tree and trades (but never sensitivities) included in the IM exposure calculation for a small annual fee.

Gain a 360 view of all your IM exposures.

Provides your firm with an efficient central source of IM exposure rather than manually obtaining bi-lateral dealer information.

Receive breach alerts.

Sub-IM threshold breach alerts to both parties can be generated via API, SFTP or email to proprietary systems.

Seamlessly integrated with AcadiaPlus.

The basic service is part of your AcadiaPlus subscription, providing access to an entire suite of collateral, margin and UMR related services.

Start tracking your Regulatory IM Exposure Today.