Working Groups

AcadiaSoft working groups were established in 2015 and are key forums for discussion and collaboration on regulation, technology and the industry.

Organized in specific themes: Agreement, Payments, Substitution, Cleared and Phase 5 & 6 – they offer members an opportunity to speak regularly with their peers at the issues and challenges at the heart of the markets.

Membership is free, simply follow the link below, we will be delighted to welcome you to an upcoming session.

Our colleagues work with clients, infrastructure providers, industry bodies and regulators across the markets.

We produce white papers, articles and thought leadership pieces that help discussion, decision making, perspectives and adoption of the changing regulatory landscape.

We help our clients navigate the changing regulations, the demands of today’s markets, and the opportunity that technology and our extensive partner network can deliver for their business.

We have an extensive library of webinars, interviews and podcasts.