Margin Manager is used by counterparties to electronically confirm margin calls, exchange collateral and communicate on related collateral management processes. New features now include a central clearing workflow.

The Central Clearing solution automates the processing of margin calls and collateral movements for cleared instruments – both OTC derivatives and Exchange Traded Derivatives (futures & listed options). The combination of AcadiaSoft’s Clearing Statement Aggregation and Margin Automation services supports the straight through processing of collateral transactions – from valuation through settlement.

Central Clearing Solution is for both Buy-Side clients and their Clearing Brokers (FCMs) who are interested in extending their margin automation into cleared products. All clients have the option to leverage the full central clearing solution or, alternatively, use either Clearing Statement Aggregation or Margin Automation solutions independently.

Clearing Solutions Workflow

Key Features:

Central Clearing Solution leverages Margin Manager’s industry standard electronic messaging platform and services to provide a fully automated exchange of clearing statements, agreement of margin calls and confirmation of collateral moves between Clearing Brokers (FCMs) and Clients including:

  • Clearing Statement Aggregation – service that accesses, normalizes and integrates statements from multiple FCMs
  • Margin Automation – service supporting the electronic agreement of margin calls and confirmation of collateral movements –prior to settlement. This automation includes expanded support for cleared calls by multicurrency, by clearing house, by product (i.e. rates, credit, equity, etc) and by sub account (segregated vs secured on futures accounts)

Key Benefits:

  • Improve timeliness and accuracy of margin information exchange with counterparties
  • Reduce risk of settlement issues by confirming collateral transactions prior to instruction
  • Gain efficiencies by eliminating emails and unnecessary manual intervention
  • Leverage single standard workflow for all margining activities to avoid silos and the unnecessary redundancies across different collateral functions including:
    • Generating calls from statements
    • Recalling excess by clicking a button from statement screens
    • Recommending calls and amounts based on agreement settings from recall excess screens
    • Netted or split calls
    • Buffer and Thresholds
    • Changing the recall amount
    • FCM can use the same screen to generate a call for deficit
    • STP options to automatically generate calls from statements
    • Integration with MTU and BNY Margin Connect to message and retrieve settlement status from custodians