By leveraging AcadiaSoft’s interest statement workflow, available via MarginManager, your firm can dispatch interest statements, reconcile and resolve issues with counterparties in a standardized messaging format.

Remove the reliance on email exchange and often lengthy, complicated dispute resolution by uploading your statement data and enabling the AcadiaSoft matching engine to pair statements, highlight discrepancies and efficiently produce final interest statements for you and your counterparty.

Interest Statements Workflow

Key Features:

  • A standard message workflow to bilaterally agree pre-calculated interest on all agreement types for a defined period typically monthly
  • A standard set of fields agreed and designed by a working group of industry practitioners
  • Ability to pair, match and finalise both parties’ statements leveraging an intelligent matching engine with tolerance-based matching at counterparty level
  • Reconciliation of main fields and daily items to easily find discrepancies
  • Automatically write off or rollover the interest amount

Key Benefits:

  • Replaces email, phone and fax reducing manual operations
  • Standard workflow and fields allow for full automation capabilities with existing collateral management systems
  • Agreed STP features reduce mismatches and increase processing efficiencies
  • MarginManager user friendly dashboard allows for quick exception management
  • Leverage existing client community agreements and connectivity points
  • Complete audit trail available on both parties and final statements
  • MarginManager, Interest Statements module is part of your AcadiaPlus subscription and simple to deploy. Our dedicated team can guide you through the entire process