MarginManager enables real-time transparency into every margin call status and dispute reason, while tracking each action with a complete audit trail for compliance purposes.

The MarginManager dashboard provides visibility into counterparty actions including issuing and responding to margin calls whilst supporting multiple transaction types: expected calls, notifications, collateral pledges, interest statements, substitutions, and cleared statements. MarginManager covers a range of agreement types including OTC Bilateral, OTC-Cleared, Exchange Traded Derivatives, Repo, MSFTA, Securities Lending & Borrowing. It is the industry standard for margin call management used by a global network of firms.

MarginManager Workflow

Key Features:

  • Margin call matching
  • Integration with reconciliation data services for dispute management
  • Agreed amount determination – determines whether to automatically agree, dispute or partially agree to incoming calls
  • Call issuance provides event driven margin requirement calculations saving you time and costly mistakes
  • Calculation of the all new Margin Call types where you have both a House IA and Reg IM requirement using either the Distinct, Allocated or Greater of Margin Call calculation methodology.
  • Generation and issuance of Notifications on behalf of dealer firms, if supported by the dealer firms
  • STP logic to complete the call and pledging process
  • Pledge automation – suggested and auto pledge/pledge accept workflow for cash only agreements and non-cash recalls/returns/accepts
  • Links to DTCC’s Margin Transit Utility (MTU) to complete the delivery of collateral movement to MTU and the resulting settlement status of the movement back to MarginManager.

Key Benefits:

  • Automated validation & STP rules enabling a more streamlined process and making you less volume sensitive
  • Relay integration – enabling 100% margin call processing even if counterparty still communicates via email
  • Accessed via Web user interface, direct API or SFTP
  • Fully integrated with AcadiaPlus suite of services including CollateralManager – AcadiaSoft’s cloud-based collateral management solution and IM Exposure Manager for reconciliation of regulatory initial margin as well as third party platforms
  • Data integrity – Less error and risk of data leakage by having a single source of data used across all integrated solutions
  • Simple and transparent pricing – your AcadiaPlus subscription includes full access to MarginManager at a price based on the size of your firm
  • Join the growing community of over 1,100 firms already exchanging margin calls on the industry standard MarginManager platform