AcadiaPlus, is a feature rich open platform for Sell-side, Buy-side and Fund Administrators providing access to the AcadiaSoft community, messaging and data workflow as well as connectivity to specialist applications and interoperability with 3rd party partners for the straight through processing of the entire risk mitigation lifecycle.

Our fully integrated solutions address the compliance and processing challenges of Uncleared Margin Rules, while laying the foundation for future simplification of dispute resolution, changing regulation and the technology demands of tomorrow.

Enables fast, scalable negotiation and affirmation of legal and margin data in one solution.

Agreements Suite focuses on the automation of CSA agreements, enabling digitization of legacy agreements, connectivity to online negotiation providers as well as an intelligent and standardized workflow for the consolidation and affirmation of operational and legal data via one single interface.

All aspects of initial margin reconciliation, calculation and dispute resolution.

Our range of Risk services and access to partner applications provide firms in scope for uncleared margin rules with all the necessary functionality to meet the global regulatory framework.

Monitor, test, calculate and report on all aspects of margin and collateral management.

Collateral Suite provides integrated services that monitor, test, calculate, reconcile and report on all aspects of margin and collateral management among a community of over 1,100 firms.

Access world class advice, guidance and servicing on all aspects of SIMM™ and regulatory requirements tailored to your firm via our Advisory Services function.

Our network of expert advisors can assist in uncleared margin rules workshops and provide advice and guidance on all aspects of the regulations tailored to your firm’s specific requirements.

One interface, one secure source, multiple options

AcadiaPlus includes connectivity to “Access”. Access is a unique integration layer that provides interoperability with a range of partner services – helping to make your data work harder and smarter.

Provides unique analysis of your position in the market as well as peer group comparison metrics

AcadiaPlus Data Exploration (DX) Suite, leverages our central vantage point across the industry to create an industry standard for reporting and analytics. AcadiaPlus DX provides unique analysis of your position in the market as well as peer group comparison metrics.

Leading providers and best-in-class technology solutions for the financial markets.

AcadiaSoft provides your firm with all the information, analysis and guidance to establish your model validation and governance process and, where relevant, to secure regulatory approval to use SIMM™ for your bilateral derivatives franchises.