Agreement Manager, enables fast, scalable consolidation and affirmation of legal and operational data via a single interface. Establish an authoritative record of collateral agreements through common standards and a single workflow, providing the ability to negotiate, digitize, record, generate and govern Collateral Agreement data. Agreement Manager is fully integrated into third party negotiation and digitization providers, as well as other AcadiaPlus applications for a complete, standard and shared workflow.

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CSA Valuation – The CSA Valuation Service analyzes the potential financial impact of contractual changes in CSAs for the relevant underlying portfolios. Client CSAs and trade data is taken as an input and generates an impact analysis on netting set valuations, exposures and key valuation adjustments.

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Access a range of digitization providers to transform your agreements into organized data. Your data will be stored centrally in AcadiaSoft’s Agreement Manager and will be instantly available across all AcadiaSoft services and permissioned partner applications.

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