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Every once in a while, an event takes place that reminds us that we aren’t the masters of the universe that we like to think we are.


9/11 was one of those moments. One day my wife and I were playing with the kids on a Cape May beach under tiffany blue skies – the next day we were watching in horror as people jumped to their death and ran for their life in front of the crumbling, dust belching Twin Towers.

We will never forget that day. And though it forever changed our lives, eventually, our society and economy recovered. Life moved on under what could only be described as a “new normal,” as we grappled with a new world of terrorist threats and the increased security measures that were put in place to prevent various types of attacks.

I still curse the notorious shoe bomber every time I need to remove my shoes and belt when I pass through airport security. I still fly, but I adjust to a new normal.

On some level, it feels to me like we are at a similar point in time. We may have exchanged one virus for another, but a virus nonetheless. Eventually, life will move on under another “new normal.”

We aren’t quite sure what it will be. Maybe it will be simple enough to accommodate, such sanitizing our hands frequently or thoroughly wiping down airline seats with wet wipes.Or maybe it will require a larger adjustment – we don’t quite know yet.

But we will adjust socially and economically on a local and global level.

Because it’s what we do.

We don’t have a choice in the matter.

At AcadiaSoft, like many other businesses, we are adapting to the “new normal” as each day unfolds. This means learning to cope with large increases in messaging volume while at the same time learning to work remotely. We’ve increased our frequency of team meetings and use of video to feel better connected – and not isolated.

Over the next few weeks – we’ll provide some insight into the volumes we are seeing, how ISDA SIMM™ is reacting during this new period of stress, and how the marketplace is coping.

We also continue to host our working groups, collaborative sessions that bring industry practitioners together to discuss common issues.

Now more than ever, we want to stay in touch. Visit AcadiaSoft’s website to join one of our sessions here.


About Mark Demo

Mark D. Demo is Head of Industry & Strategy at AcadiaSoft. Mark has more than 20 years’ experience in the OTC Derivatives market and has served as a co-chair of the ISDA Collateral Steering Committee. He has participated on ISDA working groups and has been involved in developing changes in collateral operations associated with financial regulations under Dodd Frank and EMIR. Mark is a collateral subject matter expert who is now overseeing AcadiaSoft’s robust working group, client and prospect engagement programs. Mark also oversees AcadiaSoft’s interactions with global regulators.


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