No matter how IM impacts you, our UMR Collateral
Suite is a new way of managing your IM exposure
within a single platform.


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Manage your initial margin requirements with AcadiaSoft UMR Collateral Suite.

Seamlessly Integrated

Widely used by the market for managing initial margin – an interface to all counterparties in one place.

Dealer Data

The only place you can access the anticipated IM Exposure number from your dealer.

Pay as you scale

A solution that scales as your margin requirements do.

Easy Setup

Setup your account by sending us a trade file – it’s that easy!

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On the Margins: Finding a Solution for VM and IM Workflows.

How it works

Implement seamlessly to create fully automated workflows. End-to-End UMR compliance packaged for cost effectiveness and ease of use.

A complete solution for the calculation, management and exchange of initial margin.

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One contract, one trade file, one connection, one solution.

A complete solution for the calculation and exchange of Initial Margin.

IM Threshold Monitor

Start with IM Threshold Monitor – the perfect tool to keep track of your daily IM Exposure – one platform with all the support you need.

– Daily counterparty IM monitoring

– Threshold alerts when you come close to breaching

– All counterparties in one place

– Zero cost

Who's it for:

In scope firms that are below the Initial Margin threshold of $50m.

IM Exposure Manager

As your trading margin increases you can seamlessly leverage the power of IM Exposure Manager. Used by all in scope firms, globally.


Access all of your dealer IM numbers in one place with the ability to calculate your IM exposure to compare & reconcile against your dealer.

– Easy setup & implementation

– Centrally calculate Initial Margin exposures using ISDA SIMM™ or Schedule

– Reconciliation and dispute resolution

– Monitor exposure for all your trading counterparties

Who's it for:

Firms that will breach the IM Threshold of $50m instantly, or will build up an exposure of $50m over time.

Collateral Manager

A complete cloud based collateral management application that supports the movement of cash and securities collateral.


Easily access your initial margin exposure in Collateral Manager via full integration with AcadiaSoft IM Exposure Manager.

– Full workflow functionality and automation across: Portfolio Calculations and Trade Valuations, Margin Calls, Collateral Movements and Interest

– Integrated to AcadiaSoft Margin Manager to enable automation of margin call process

– Manage both your Initial Margin and Variation Margin workflow

Who's it for:

Firms with IM requirements over $50m.

Firms looking for a single process to support IM and VM collateral management.

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